Right Help, Right Time

On the 14th February 2020, the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership published the refreshed threshold guidance “Right Help, Right Time” Delivering effective support for children and families in Birmingham(Version 4 - February 2020). To download a copy of the guidance, click on the image below.  

In terms of updates to the guidance all professionals are asked to focus particularly on the ‘four layers of need’ as these have been strengthened and enhanced in respect of neglect and contextual safeguarding. The guidance takes account of the recent publication of ‘Tackling Neglect: A Strategy for the Prevention and Reduction of Neglect in Birmingham 2019-2022’, and developments in our partnership approach to contextual safeguarding, and provides everyone with clear advice about what to do and how to respond if a child and their family need extra support.

For information on how to make a referral please visit the Safeguarding Concerns page.

To access the Right Help, Right Time e-learning course - click here.

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Reviewed: 23.09.2020

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