Board Members

The Executive Board provides strategic oversight of the new multi-agency safeguarding arrangements, co-ordinating safeguarding services and evaluating the effectiveness of
partnership working. The Executive Board will be chaired by an Independent Scrutineer,
appointed by the Safeguarding Partners, with the strategic lead from West Midlands Police
performing the role as Vice-Chair.

The Executive Board will meet bi-monthly to provide strategic direction, challenge and oversight
on implementation of the priorities set out in the Business Improvement Plan 2019/21. The
three nominated representatives of the Safeguarding Partners are all members of this Executive
Board along with representatives from the Safeguarding Partners who are responsible for
leading the Partnership’s Sub-Groups. An elected member of Birmingham City Council will act as
a participant observer.

Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership Membership:
Board Structure

 Updated 21.10.2019

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