Child Death Overview Panel

Since the 1st April 2008 Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCB’s) have had a statutory responsibility to review all details of children resident in their area. The relevant legislature is enshrined within the Children Act 2004 and applies to all children and young people under the age of 18.

The Child Death Overview Panel of the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board, has a permanent core membership of key organisations represented on the LSCB and is chaired by a Public Health professional. The Panel is accountable to the Chair of the Board.

Click here to read the Annual Report of the Birmingham Child Death Overview Panel 2018.

Child Death Overview Panel functions:

  • Collecting and analysing information about the deaths of all children, from birth until they are 18 years old, with a view to identifying:-
    -  Any matters of concern affecting the safety of children in Birmingham
    -  Any general public health concerns arising from the deaths of children in Birmingham
  • Putting in place procedures for ensuring a co-ordinated response by the Local Authority children’s social care, safeguarding board partners and other relevant partners to an unexpected death of a child.
  • Producing an annual report which includes the total number of deaths reviewed, the recommendations about future required actions to prevent child deaths and will include a review of actions taken from the recommendations from previous year’s reports. The report will ensure confidentiality and sensitivity to bereaved families.

How the Panel undertakes its work:

The work of the Panel follows the West Midlands Multi-Agency Protocol for the management of sudden unexpected death in infants and children, from birth until they are 18 years old (SUDC). A link to the protocol is provided on this page.

The Panel meets monthly to complete a paper based review of every child death. The panel is provided with information from those professionals who were involved in the care of the child both before and immediately after the death.  The Panel reviews the appropriateness of the professionals response, relevant environmental, social, health and cultural aspects of each death to ensure a thorough consideration of how such deaths might be prevented in the future. Identified patterns and trends are included in the annual report to the board, an executive summary of which is placed on the website.

More detail about the work of the Child Death Overview Panel is available in the child protection procedures


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Each unexpected death of a child is a tragedy for his or her family. The Panel have suggested some helpful links to the work of other organisations that may be able to offer support, further information and advice. We hope these might prove useful. 

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Beyond the

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